Sanitation and Safety

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              Every kitchen has one, at least, and every kitchen needs to maintain them. Here are a few tips for keeping a ventilation system in good working order.

              Warewashers can clean a variety of items. But some units may be better than others when it comes to cleaning certain items, like plastic trays and beer mugs.

              Undercounter warewashers can last between 5 and 10 years with proper maintenance.

              Oil filtration systems are often one of the most abused pieces of equipment in a commercial kitchen. Because nobody likes to filter their grease, operators often assign the most inexperienced staff member to handle this task, which can be messy, hot and stinky. Usually, the filtering process happens after a shift when the oil is at a cooking temperature of between 330 degrees F and 375 degrees F.

              Specific warewasher types are designated for different types of foodservice operations and volumes.

              Proper oil filtration increases the longevity of the oil, produces better-tasting food and saves money in purchasing oil over the long term. Operators need to regularly maintain their oil filtration systems as they do water filtration systems for this equipment to function properly. When purchasing an oil filtration system, ease of cleaning and maintenance are two key considerations.