Griddles are heavy-duty countertop cooking equipment that browns, sears or toasts menu items across all dayparts.


              Clamshell Grills have long been popular for their quick food production and ease of use. With labor shortages in the foodservice sector, these items are almost certainly growing in importance, as they allow for higher throughput without increasing labor hours.

              Maintaining grills and griddles is important from a safety standpoint since grease buildup is a big fire hazard.

              When choosing a grill, operators should determine what type suits the menu and operation.

              Grills have heat sources located below the cooking grate, while griddle controls determine how much thermal energy is stored.

              Countertop griddles are typically categorized as heavy-duty countertop cooking equipment and are versatile workhorses that have a central location in many kitchen equipment lineups.

              Clamshell griddles simultaneously cook food on both sides, making this equipment a popular back-of-house option for high-volume foodservice operations since it can cut cooking time by more than 50 percent.

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