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              Air Purifiers

              Spartan Air, JMC Food Equipment

              The model SAPWM-UV-700 uses 6 stage filter protection to purify the air in a room that measures up to 700 square feet. Users can choose to mount this unit on the wall or operate it in a freestanding manner. The 25-pound unit measures 16 inches wide by 24? inches high and 7? inches deep.


              Tempered Glass Sneeze Guards


              This line of tempered glass sneeze guards uses a titanium dioxide photocatalyst to provide a level of protection against viruses and bacteria. The germs are eliminated by wiping down the food shield using standard cleaning solutions and following commonly used food safety and environmental sanitation measures, per the manufacturer. The glass is transparent and food safe. The sneeze guards work with the manufacturer’s ZGuard, XGuard, Deco Series and Advance Guard food shield lines.


              Coffee Pot Cleaner

              Nyco Products Company

              The Nyco Coffee Pot Cleaner is a cleaner and destainer for pots, utensils, carafes and cups. It removes coffee, tea and stains such as burn marks from coffee pots, urns and other beverage serving equipment.


              Fiber-Based Cutlery

              World Centric

              This line of cutlery is made from unbleached plant fiber and includes spoons, forks, knives, sporks and serving utensils. These items are fully compostable.


              Cooling Neck Gaiter and Face Cover


              Users can wear this item up to 12 different ways, including as a face covering, neck gaiter or head wrap, per the manufacturer. The proprietary fabric cools in less than 60 seconds and keeps cool for up to 2 hours. 


              Smart Touch Digital Oven Control


              This display allows for customizable security settings and recipe management. Users can search by image or name. A USB connection allows for easier recipe uploading. Information can appear in multiple languages. The manufacturer is rolling this out on its rotating double rack gas oven, and it will extend it to other products. The error code display can make diagnosing problems quicker and lead to faster fixes. 


              Heated Holding Shelves


              This line of heated holding shelves keeps serving trays, takeout containers, catering boxes and bagged meals hot and ready for customers. The shelves reach 175 degrees F in less than 15 minutes, per the manufacturer. Operators can use the hidden electronic controls to save their ideal preset surface temperatures ranging from
              90 degrees F to 215 degrees F. Adjustable legs allow for placement on uneven surfaces.


              Grease Trapper ESP


              This pollution control unit removes grease, smoke and odors from the exhaust airstream from commercial kitchens. This equipment comes as a single factory-assembled unit, consisting of an impingement pre-filter, an ionizer-collector cell, a mist eliminator, an odor control section, an outlet transition and an exhaust fan, all mounted on a 6-inch structural steel support base.


              Lighter-Weight Melamine Ramekins

              Carlisle Foodservice Products

              This line of stackable melamine ramekins provides serving solutions for salsa, dressings, sauces, condiments, spices and more. Carlisle’s assortment of stackable melamine ramekins are lightweight while still durable. Operators can choose from a variety of color, size and style options. Ramekins are safe for temperatures up to 212 degrees F.


              Off-Premises Prepared Food Pickup Cart


              This off-premises prepared food pickup cart is suitable for use across a variety of operator segments, from restaurants to schools. Features aluminum construction, a writing utensil tray, a paper bag holder and hooks for plastic bags. Bumpers prevent damage to fixtures, while the two-shelf structure allows for additional meal storage or totes.