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                              • Mobile Handwashing Stations


                                This line of mobile handwashing stations features hands-free, sensor-operated technology. The units are available as self-contained water or water line-connected handwashing stations. The self-contained stations run off a rechargeable battery and allow for freshwater and greywater storage for stand-alone use requiring no plugin or plumbing, per the maker. The water line-connected stations require connection to a standard ?-inch water line and drain line for greywater.


                              • Sapphire Manufacturing Inc.

                                This line of three-compartment corner sinks comes with or without double drainboards. These sinks feature 18GA, 304 stainless-steel construction. The backsplash measures 9? inches high with two sets of 8-inch center splash-mount faucet holes. Available bowl sizes are 18 inch by 18 inch, 20 inch by 20 inch, and 24 inch by 24 inch. All bowls are 14 inches deep.


                              • Bluezone


                                The Bluezone line includes products that can purify air in restaurants and in refrigerators. These products utilize ultraviolet-enhanced oxidation technology to purify air instead of capturing and concentrating airborne contaminants in a particle filter or activated carbon.


                              • Pop-Up Pods

                                Eastern Tabletop

                                Pop-up Pods are suitable for outdoor dining applications in the winter months. The unit hosts a single party of up to six guests. Setup requires no tools, per the maker. Two sides open to help provide proper ventilation. Outer dimensions are 10 feet by 10 feet. Inner dimensions measure 8? inches by 8? inches.


                              • Ventilation Controls


                                The maker’s line of ventilation controls come with a variety of optional features, including a high-temperature alarm and a wash interface. If a fire occurs, the control panel is capable of forcing the exhaust to maximum speed and shutting down supply air and lights regardless of current fan speeds via integration with a fire system.


                              • Hands-Free Hand Sink

                                Advance Tabco

                                The 7-PS-59 hands-free hand sink uses a knee-operated valveto activate the water flow. This unit has a built-in water mixing valve thatusers can adjust to the desired temperature mix. The sink also includes a 7?-inch-high backsplash on both sides, keeping water splashing and contaminates self-contained. Sink bowl is 10 inches by 14 inches by 5inches.


                              • Ventless Electric High Temperature Rack Conveyor Dishwashing Machine


                                The CL44eN-VL is a ventless electric high-temperature rack conveyor dishwashing machine. The unit can process up to 202 racks per hour, per the maker. Features include ventless heat pump technology, a rapid return conveyor drive mechanism, an internal stainless-steel pressure-less 30kW booster heater, a large double-door opening to make cleaning easier, a 19?-inch chamber height opening and a top-mounted microprocessor control module.


                              • Sanitizer Cart

                                Winholt Equipment Group

                                The design of this cart allows it to serve as an all-in-one cleaning station that staff can use throughout thefoodservice operation. The unit features lightweight aluminum construction. Other features include a top tray that can hold cleaning equipment, two shelves, a paper towel holder and a trash bin.


                              • Safety Guards


                                Vollrath’s line of safety guardsnow includes mobile and table guards with acrylic panels that help shield against airborne contaminants.The mobile safety guards come in a variety of styles and feature an acrylic panel with or without a pass-thru for transactions. These units come in sizes 35?, 30 or 23? inches wide. The table safety guards are available in 60 or 48 inches wide.


                              • Mobile Air Filtration Units

                                Unified Brands

                                Unified Brands has partnered with Purafil to provide an air filtration solution to the foodservice industry. Using a multistage filtration process, the unit removes aerosols from the air. The units roll into place, feature 360-degree air circulation and purification, and emit minimal noise, per the makers.


                              • Reversible Pump Oil Filtration Machine

                                Frontline International

                                The Reversible Pump Filter Machine uses a two-way pump that sucks out the oil from an individual vat and pumps it back to the same vat after filtering. The machine filters the oil separate from oil drained from the other vats. This helps foodservice operators avoid cross-contamination, which is ofparticular importance when it comes to food-safety protocols and preparing food for specialty diets.


                              • Hands-Free Door Pulls

                                The Vollrath Company

                                This line of hands-free door pulls helps doorways stay clean and hygienic. These are suitable for use at the bottom or at arm-level of traffic doors, double acting doors, cooler doors, swinging doors or latching doors with the latch disengaged. Users simply place their foot on the foot plate or place their forearm in the arm plate and pull toward them to open the door. The plates feature stainless-steel construction.


                              • Purafil Mobile Air Filtration Units

                                Unified Brands

                                This line of mobile air filtration products use a four-stage process to clean air in dining rooms. The units roll into place and emit minimal noise, and they can filter dining areas up to 400 square feet in size, per the manufacturer.


                              • Safety Masks

                                Sapphire Manufacturing

                                This manufacturer offers both 3-ply disposable and KN95 Safety Masks. The disposable mask features three layers of filtering. The KN95 provides a very close facial fit, per the manufacturer.


                              • Mobile Waste Oil Collection System


                                Suitable for use in high-volume operations, the Tank Tank mobile waste oil collection system (Model 74SS-NA) includes a 74-gallon temporary tank that acts as an oversize caddy system. Containment options include pouring spent grease into the tank or using the unit’s integral pump and wand to draw oil into the tank. Users can wheel the unit to multiple locations to accept grease deposits before needing to empty it.


                              • Dry Well Steam Tables


                                Each dry well features a Calrod heating element with independent temperature control, designed to hold a variety of foods at precise serving temperature. Steam tables are available in two, three, four and five dry well options. The tabletops are made from stainless steel, and the units come with galvanized steel adjustable feet. Each dry well features a stainless-steel liner, a durable cutting board and an adjustable undershelf. Breath guards are also available.


                              • PureAir Package for Air Curtains

                                Berner International

                                The PureAir Package is an air purification system for air curtains that complements the environment’s indoor air quality and disinfection efforts. The PureAir Package includes the NPBI module, a washable 1-inch-thick aluminum mesh MERV-8 particulate filter and a 10-speed 1/2hp electronically commutated motor. When the door is open, the air curtain doubles as an air purifier.


                              • Double-Sided Handwashing Station


                                This unit features a pair of sinks separated by a safety guard. Each side also includes a faucet, foot pedal for hands-free use and dispensers for both soap and paper towels. It comes equipped with a 10-gallon fresh-water tank and a 13-gallon wastewater tank.


                              • SimpleSpec Commercial Kitchen Ventilation

                                Unified Brands

                                Part of the maker’s Avtec line, SimpleSpec is a budget-driven line of commercial kitchen ventilation hoods suitable for a variety of applications. Available styles include box, conveyor, pizza, fryer, dishwasher, display and charbroiler.


                              • Antimicrobial Faucet Handles

                                T&S Brass and Bronze Works

                                T&S Brass has updated its antimicrobial-coated faucet handles. The antimicrobial coating is now available as an option on redesigned wrist-action, four-arm and lever handles.


                              • Hand Sanitizer

                                Sapphire Manufacturing

                                This line of hand sanitizing gel is available in a variety of sizes. The 16-ounce tabletop pump bottle contains 75% ethyl alcohol. The 4-ounce, 8-ounce and 1-gallon sizes are made from 65% ethyl alcohol.


                              • BioSpray5


                                BioSpray-5 is a portable surface sanitation system that disinfects surfaces against bacteria and viruses. It is packaged in a heavy-duty, yet lightweight case which includes a CO2-based propelled system. The unit is designed for intermittent spraying of alcohol-based sanitizers and requires no power. BioSpray-5 also comes with a built-in handle, which makes it easier to move the unit from one application to the next.


                              • Non-Contact Infrared Thermometers

                                FOH Health

                                This line of non-contact infrared thermometers provides an instant reading when scanning people entering a foodservice operation. The digital device displays temperature readings Farenheit and Celsius. 


                              • AMSafe Antimicrobial Handsfree Door Arm

                                Energy Door Company

                                AMSafe is an antimicrobial hands-free, door arm that sanitizes itself, per the maker. The product features a micronized antibacterial compound embedded into the arm. Installs with the use of an Allen head wrench. Different shapes are available to fit door handles from a variety of refrigeration companies. 


                              • Mobile Handwashing Station


                                This mobile handwashing unit is suitable for use in outdoor and indoor foodservice operations, schools and various other places. The unit features two five-gallon fresh-water containers and two six-gallon wastewater containers. It also includes an electric pump and can handle up to 70 hand washes, per the maker. The unit’s casters allow for easier repositioning of the station.


                              • Ventech Condensation Hoods


                                The Ventech line of condensation hoods works with select Combitherm combi ovens made by Alto-Shaam. Ventech PLUS features a HEPA filter along with condensation technology to capture and filter smoke-related vapor, grease and steam generated in the cooking process. These hoods can be factory or field installed.


                              • All-in-One Hand Sink

                                Advance Tabco

                                Features of the 7-PS-131 hand sink include a touchless automatic soap dispenser, hands-free electronic faucet and C-fold style towel dispenser. The 71/2-inch side splashes on both sides help protect the surrounding areas from contamination.


                              • Safety Guards and Breath Guards


                                The manufacturer’s expanded line of safety guards and breath guards includes freestanding, hanging and fixed acrylic safety guards and mobile breath guards that shield against airborne threats to both personal health and food safety. Both the safety and mobile breath guards come in a variety of sizes. The mobile breath guards feature a ?-inch-thick, clear acrylic panel that is adjustable for heights between 14? and 25? inches. The breath guards are available with a base for easy movement or durable posts for counter mounting.


                              • Sensor Faucet for Easy Deck-Mount Retrofit

                                T&S Brass

                                Part of the company’s ChekPoint sensor faucet line, the hands-free EC-3107 can replace deck-mounted manual two-hole faucets without altering existing hole configurations. The unit features a gooseneck nozzle, below-deck electronics, a water-resistant control module with internal flow control switches, customizable auto time-out and shut-off delay settings, an optional auto-flush feature that flows water for 30 seconds after every 12 inactive hours, and a polished chrome-plated brass body.


                              • LERCONN Infrared Electronic Thermometer

                                Sapphire Manufacturing

                                This line of infrared thermometers measures human temperatures in half a second. The unit features an auto power-off time to help save energy. The unit runs on two AAA alkaline batteries.