Commercial blenders include countertop models as well as immersion units.


                              The Quiet One Blender


                              Vitamix has updated the design of this blender to enhance the aesthetic and make cleaning easier. The blender features four new programs that work with the optional aerating container. 


                              Immersion Blenders

                              Globe Food Equipment Co.

                              Immersion Blenders blend, mix, puree and emulsify. The hand-held blending sticks come in multiple sizes that detach easily and are dishwasher safe. The 7.5-foot power cord allows the blenders to move about the kitchen. Variable speeds offer flexibility.


                              XL Machine


                              The XL produces up to 24 8-ounce servings in a single blend. The unit features a 4.2 peak output HP motor, 1.5-gallon container, variable speed control and the ability to pulse.


                              The Drink Machine

                              Vitamix Corp.

                              The Drink Machine Advance has six programs for blending a variety of beverages and 
                              offers custom program capabilities for menu specialization. Optimized programs with automatic shut-off are featured.


                              Mix’N Machine Advance

                              Vitamix Corp.

                              The Mix’n Machine Advance frozen treat maker provides one-handed operation and automatic shut off for high volume use. Six preprogrammed settings customize frozen treats by blending a variety of ingredients with hard and soft ice cream and yogurt. A pulse feature refreshes
                              desserts as necessary.


                              XL Variable Speed Blender

                              Vitamix Corp.

                              A variable speed countertop blender produces up to 24 8-ounce servings at one time. A 4.2 HP motor facilitates heavy blending of a variety of foods. The 1.5-gallon container can accommodate hot and cold ingredients. A pulse function and variable speed control offer added blending flexibility. 


                              Aerating Container

                              Vitamix Commercial

                              The Aerating Container uses a disc blade to create new textures in the kitchen and behind the bar with minimal splashing. This includes dense and pourable culinary foams, flavored whipped cream, mousse, infusions and emulsions. It is available in a 32-ounce size and has double-sealed bearings for strength and durability.


                              Colored Advance Containers

                              Vitamix Corp.

                              Advance blender containers come in a variety of colors to promote food safety by reducing the potential for allergen cross-contact. Available colors include blue, orange, purple and yellow. Each container comes with a matching colored lid.

                              KSBC1B2 Series Enclosure Blender

                              KitchenAid Commercial

                              The KSBC1B2 Series Enclosure Blender includes a lift up sound enclosure for noise reduction while blending. It features a
                              3 HP motor, 60-ounce BPA-free jar and stainless-steel blade.