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                              • Off-Premises Prepared Food Pickup Cart


                                This off-premises prepared food pickup cart is suitable for use across a variety of operator segments, from restaurants to schools. Features aluminum construction, a writing utensil tray, a paper bag holder and hooks for plastic bags. Bumpers prevent damage to fixtures, while the two-shelf structure allows for additional meal storage or totes.


                              • Drop-In Type Open Horizontal Display Cases

                                Turbo Air

                                Features of this line of drop-in-type open horizontal display cases include a self-cleaning coil, hydrocarbon refrigerants, stainless-steel interior, LED interior lighting and a night curtain.


                              • Flavor Burst Soft-Serve Ice Cream System


                                Flavor Burst allows operators to dispense up to eight flavors of soft-serve ice cream from one spout. The product’s assembly installs onto a Stoelting freezer’s spout and the syrup lines. To work the system, operators use a 10-inch color touch panel. The unit applies striped flavors to the outside as well as the middle of the soft serve, while blended flavors mix in at the spout.


                              • Small Footprint Smoker

                                Southern Pride

                                Although small in footprint, the SRD-400 smoker has 45 square feet of cooking capacity. With additional racks, the cooking capacity can grow to 87 square feet. The cook-and-hold control allows for selection of cook temperature, time, hold temperature and programming of 30 preset menus.


                              • Mobile Handwashing Stations


                                This line of mobile handwashing stations features hands-free, sensor-operated technology. The units are available as self-contained water or water line-connected handwashing stations. The self-contained stations run off a rechargeable battery and allow for freshwater and greywater storage for stand-alone use requiring no plugin or plumbing, per the maker. The water line-connected stations require connection to a standard ?-inch water line and drain line for greywater.


                              • Sapphire Manufacturing Inc.

                                This line of three-compartment corner sinks comes with or without double drainboards. These sinks feature 18GA, 304 stainless-steel construction. The backsplash measures 9? inches high with two sets of 8-inch center splash-mount faucet holes. Available bowl sizes are 18 inch by 18 inch, 20 inch by 20 inch, and 24 inch by 24 inch. All bowls are 14 inches deep.


                              • Hot Food Open Topper

                                SandenVendo America

                                The Hot Food Open Topper allows operators to combine a roller grill and an open hot food display in one unit. The unit comes with one hot food display and space for operators to slide their own roller grills beneath. It is available in two sizes and is suitable for a variety of hot food items.


                              • 3D Food Printer


                                Operators use this 3D food printer via its 3?-inch color display. Other features include auto calibration and a stainless-steel carriage. Operators can use their own food or food from the manufacturer.


                              • Order Pickup Station

                                New Age Industrial

                                The order pickup station can keep to-go orders organized and provide a point of pickup for delivery drivers and customers. The solid 4-shelf units are available in 30-inch and 42-inch lengths. The shelves are adjustable. The unit features solid aluminum construction.


                              • FRIIA Water Delivery Systems

                                Marco Beverage Systems

                                Available in one-, two- or three-button variants, FRIIA is an undercounter water delivery system. The unit delivers one, two or three types of water from a single font.


                              • Bluezone


                                The Bluezone line includes products that can purify air in restaurants and in refrigerators. These products utilize ultraviolet-enhanced oxidation technology to purify air instead of capturing and concentrating airborne contaminants in a particle filter or activated carbon.


                              • Heated Well Covers

                                Hatco Corp.

                                These heated well covers help make food bars more versatile by converting the manufacturer’s line of drop-in modular/ganged heated wells and drop-in modular/ganged slim heated wells into heated shelves. The cover creates a heated space to hold prepackaged, preheated foods at ideal temperatures for customers to grab and go.


                              • Automated Sealing Machine

                                GP Pro

                                The GP PRO Automated Sealing Machine offers secure beverage sealing that is both spill resistant and tamper evident. This cup-sealing machine applies a secure, heat-activated plastic-film seal that fits most sizes with a brim, paper or plastic, in less than two seconds without staff touching the lid.


                              • Pop-Up Pods

                                Eastern Tabletop

                                Pop-up Pods are suitable for outdoor dining applications in the winter months. The unit hosts a single party of up to six guests. Setup requires no tools, per the maker. Two sides open to help provide proper ventilation. Outer dimensions are 10 feet by 10 feet. Inner dimensions measure 8? inches by 8? inches.


                              • Lockaire Drive-Thru Window


                                The Lockaire drive-thru window allows restaurant staff to deliver to-go orders without direct customer contact, per the maker. The unit features an airtight divider and extendable tray with coin and card holder. A bullet-resistant window locks in place at the close of operations for greater security. The unit comes prewired for connection to existing intercom systems.


                              • Peel-a-Ton Automatic Peeler


                                This unit can peel more than 20 different fruits and vegetables, including those without a perfect shape. Operators can use this item to zest fruits, too. The main unit is dishwasher safe and can peel up to 700 apples per hour, per the manufacturer.


                              • Smoker Oven


                                This line of updated cook-and-hold ovens and smokers features a thermal cable throughout the cooking cavity to apply consistent, gentle heat to the food being cooked. Operators can cook by time or probe and infuse flavor by using real wood chips. Users can manage the ovens remotely with the maker’s cloud-based system.


                              • Ventilation Controls


                                The maker’s line of ventilation controls come with a variety of optional features, including a high-temperature alarm and a wash interface. If a fire occurs, the control panel is capable of forcing the exhaust to maximum speed and shutting down supply air and lights regardless of current fan speeds via integration with a fire system.


                              • TapWise

                                Sestra Systems

                                This smart dispensing solution connects the company’s draft systems to a sophisticated cloud-based platform,providing operators with data and control from anywhere. This mobile bar includes refrigerated lines suitable for pouring cold brew coffee, cocktails and beer. The ambient lines are suitable for pouring wine. Operators can choose from among three finishes.


                              • Touchless Express Dispensers

                                Server Products

                                This smart dispensing solution offers operators a hygienic alternative to portion packets. The fitmented pouch and closed dispensing system eliminates the potential for food contamination. Operators can choose from countertop or drop-in models to best suit their operation's needs.


                              • BBS Flex Breading Stations


                                BBS Flexis a series of breader/blender/sifters. The modular design makes this line suitable for a variety of foodservice applications. Units can be as small as 31inches by31inches,and users can choose between stationary feet or casters to suit the application. Optional accessories include a bun pan rack, ice baths and side shelves.


                              • Hands-Free Hand Sink

                                Advance Tabco

                                The 7-PS-59 hands-free hand sink uses a knee-operated valveto activate the water flow. This unit has a built-in water mixing valve thatusers can adjust to the desired temperature mix. The sink also includes a 7?-inch-high backsplash on both sides, keeping water splashing and contaminates self-contained. Sink bowl is 10 inches by 14 inches by 5inches.


                              • Ventless Electric High Temperature Rack Conveyor Dishwashing Machine


                                The CL44eN-VL is a ventless electric high-temperature rack conveyor dishwashing machine. The unit can process up to 202 racks per hour, per the maker. Features include ventless heat pump technology, a rapid return conveyor drive mechanism, an internal stainless-steel pressure-less 30kW booster heater, a large double-door opening to make cleaning easier, a 19?-inch chamber height opening and a top-mounted microprocessor control module.


                              • CVap HOV-05UV Flip Door Holding Cabinet

                                Winston Industries

                                The CVap HOV-05UV Flip Door is a hot food holding cabinet. Features include factory preset controls and see-through doors with magnetic hinges. The unit allows operators to hold hot food at safe temperatures until serving.foodservice.


                              • Sanitizer Cart

                                Winholt Equipment Group

                                The design of this cart allows it to serve as an all-in-one cleaning station that staff can use throughout thefoodservice operation. The unit features lightweight aluminum construction. Other features include a top tray that can hold cleaning equipment, two shelves, a paper towel holder and a trash bin.


                              • Safety Guards


                                Vollrath’s line of safety guardsnow includes mobile and table guards with acrylic panels that help shield against airborne contaminants.The mobile safety guards come in a variety of styles and feature an acrylic panel with or without a pass-thru for transactions. These units come in sizes 35?, 30 or 23? inches wide. The table safety guards are available in 60 or 48 inches wide.


                              • Mobile Air Filtration Units

                                Unified Brands

                                Unified Brands has partnered with Purafil to provide an air filtration solution to the foodservice industry. Using a multistage filtration process, the unit removes aerosols from the air. The units roll into place, feature 360-degree air circulation and purification, and emit minimal noise, per the makers.


                              • CL52 Vegetable Prep/Cheese Grater

                                The Robot Coupe

                                This unit is suitable for grating high volumes of cheese. The CL52 features a large whole head hopper to hold blocks of cheese. The unit can complete more than 50 different cuts.


                              • Dual-Temp Hot/Cold Express Line


                                The Dual-Temp Hot/Cold ExpressLine offers two bays for hot foods and two bays for cold foods. This 72-inch unit comes mounted on heavy-duty casters. The units come with stainless-steel sliding lids, but operators can select an acrylic option.


                              • Super Patty Machine


                                The Super Patty Machine can produce up to 2,100 patties per hour in various shapes and sizes from ? oz. up to 8 oz. The unit forms and portions a variety of products including meat, poultry, seafood, vegetables and bakery items. Features include a stainless-steel stand, automatic edge guide paper interleaving and safety interlocking.